Annemarie van Campen | Moderator, Presenter and Speaker

Female keynote speaker on ICT, digitization and technology

I thouroughly enjoy being on stage as a keynote speaker or as a panellist to inspire people from both corporates and governmental organizations.


My keynotes are characterized by sharp insight, a happy note and a 'wow'-factor. Being a public speaker, I love to expand the knowledge of my audiences and to hand them usefull tools to apply in their own surroundings.


My talks are not your average trend-presentation, but they are a custom made keynote directly linked to the daily practice of the audience.


Are you organizing and event for an entrepreneurial audience, where there is a connection to innovation, IT, digitization, technology or online communication? Feel free to ask me to be your female keynote speaker for the day.


Lectures by Annemarie

Annemarie tailors every keynote to your whishes. These are the topics she loves to talk about. Do you have another idea? That is also possible, send a message.


→  Women in ICT. The value of diversity in technology

In this keynote, Annemarie will show you how valuable, important and promising diversity in the tech sector is. What is the current role of women and minorities? What 'oops' situations have we seen in the past? What is changing? What opportunities are out there? And how can your organisation hop on the bandwagon, get involved and reap the benefits? 


→  The digital society

About the influence of technology on our daily lives and current innovations in your sector. 


→ Managing online projects

Tips & tricks for communication professionals who work with technical teams. Also possible as extended training. 


→ Clear language, online and offline

How do you develop effective paper correspondence, perfectly linked to your digital channels? 


Book a keynote directly or ask for more information.



Are you planning an (online) event and do you want to

  • book an energetic, female presenter or moderator

  • who lets keynote speakers shine on stage,

  • actively interacts with your audience, so the event will stand out in their memory,

  • who asks the right questions

  • and makes sure everything runs on time,

  • in fluent English and Dutch?

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UK: +44 77 33 25 15 41

NL: +31 6 29 24 86 07


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